Marietta Optometry is one of the best known suppliers of custom sport tint contact lenses in the world. Many professional athletes wear sport tint lenses to enhance their visual performance. The use of sport tint lenses is growing; especially among golfers, baseball players, and runners. Each color is available in Edge-to-Edge tint and Pupil Only tint.

Sphere: $145 / lens, $290 / pair
Toric: $175 / lens, $350 / pair

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Edge-to-Edge Pupil Only Edge-to-Edge Pupil Only

Sport Tint Amber Edge-to-EdgeSports Tint Amber Pupil Only Sports Tint Green Edge-to-EdgeSports Tint Green Pupil Only

Amber Green

Sports Tint Bolle Blue Edge-to-EdgeSports Tint Bolle Blue Pupil Only Sports Tint Sun Tac Edge-to-EdgeSports Tint Sun Tac Pupil Only

Bolle Blue Sun Tac

Sports Tint Gray Green Edge-to-EdgeSports Tint Gray Green Pupil Only Sports Tint Yellow Edge-to-EdgeSports Tint Yellow Pupil Only

Gray Green Yellow  .


The gray-green lenses allow golfers to better differentiate distance on a golf course. Golfer Justin Leonard has commented that with the gray-green lenses he is able to separate out every blade of grass. Baseball players benefit most from the amber lenses because amber blocks out blue light which is called "visual noise" by vision experts while the red colors, such as a baseball's seams, are accentuated. Mark Maquire was and Chipper Jones is a wearer of sport lenses.

This lens helps reduce glare during competitive sporting events, such as baseball and golf without having to wear bulky, sometimes loose fitting sunglasses.

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